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EXCLUSIVE: Olive Louise Chats Whimsical Love Song “The Loveliest”

It’s hard to put into words “how much I love the person I’m with and plan on being with forever,” but it’s even more impressive when someone can put it into song. 

NY based whimsical indie pop artist Olive Louise has captured that magical feeling in her new love song, lullaby “The Loveliest.” 

Fitting to its name the single is a “lovely” blend of elegant piano, Olive’s etheral vocals, and flourishes of her formal music training.

We chatted with Olive Louise about the single, her upcoming EP, and more! 

For readers who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound? 

I’ve been told I have a very old fashioned sounding voice, like something you’d hear off an old record. I think it’s like Disney princess meets Fiona Apple. Somewhere in a more quirky realm. 

You are classically trained. How has that training affected how you write and perform?

Classical music is my backbone so when I’m co-producing I’m able to say, ok I hear layered strings here, and cello here, but instead of it being an orchestral piece I’m able to have more freedom with how I want those sounds to come to life. I always want my music to feel timeless. I’m not one for trends. 

Who and what is the inspiration behind your latest single “The Loveliest”? 

Harrison, my fiancé. He’s the one person I know will always have my back. I wanted to write a song to let him know what he already knows, which is that he’s my favorite ever and I love him. 

You wrote the song while staying at airbnb with your fiance. Can you share more on what the writing process was like? 

I started writing it for my fiancé in this airbnb in Studio City at the piano, and it felt lullaby-esque. I posted a short clip of it on TikTok and Marky Style saw it, said it reminded him of Queen and we worked on it the next day in the studio! Writing and producing. Harrison, my fiancé, was there for the whole process and got me this awesome microphone, the WA-251 and it gave such a special feel to the vocal overall, it added more dimension and analogue warmth. It made recording it feel more special. I got way more into it having him there as I recorded. I love that I’m that comfortable with him, that’s how it should be.  My friend Lily from boarding school in Michigan played the violin and viola on it and it was literal perfection. And needless to say Marky’s production was everything I could have asked for and more. 

There are so many beautiful lyrics in the song. Do you have a favorite line? 

When I hear you laughing I can’t help but smiling like baby, that’s our song. It’s how we really are in our relationship. We always start the day with a good laugh, and don’t go a day without it. 

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to “The Loveliest” what do you imagine it looking like? 

Somewhere comfortable where they feel safe. For me that would be in warm sheets fresh out of the dryer with scones and tea and a lit vanilla candle. 

What can fans look forward to next? 

I’ll be releasing 1-2 songs a month as I work on an EP! All of the songs are very cinematic and myself and my producer Marky Style really envisioned them in that way as we brought them to life! They have really strong imagery, like rats scattering by someone’s feet, an ocean being sucked up to leave someone safe from your “waves”,  I’m really excited.  I have a lot of music written with my fiancé Harrison, and Marky, and some other really talented artists. I’m so excited. 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world? 

Wow, honestly, just keep swimming. A friend said the other day that a brick door/ wall is hard to break down but once you break it it’s down, that door is open ( thank you Stan! ) and I think that it reminded me of those cartoon images you see where there are two people mining and one got tired and gave up, not knowing the diamonds were right there, and the other was further away from the diamonds but wasn’t giving up and eventually makes it to the diamonds even though the other person could have too but would never know that. As an independent artist it feels important to remember that you have to keep that energy going and not give up because persistence and consistency are key and eventually you have to break through in some way. Something will give.

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