EXCLUSIVE: Nightly Talks New Single “The Movies” and More

Nightly, an alternative-pop band originally from Nashville, Tennessee, is quickly catching the attention of music fans around the globe more and more each day. With over one million listeners on Spotify alone, the band has naturally developed a powerful fanbase. Their latest single, “the movies,” was released this year and followed up by a special feature on track, Charli Adams, after its original success. Fans of the group are looking forward to a larger project from Nightly, but for now, their singles are enough to keep them satisfied and eager for more. In an exclusive interview with ECHO, Nightly opens up about their most recent single, fans and more. 

What can you tell us about your latest single “the movies” and its overall message?

It’s about falling in love. We wanted it to feel dreamy the entire time and really capture that emotion.

How was it to work on that track with Charli Adams? How did that collaboration come about? 

Charli is amazing! I heard her song on a friend’s playlist and reached out to her saying how much I loved her music. After that we asked her to open up for one of our shows and started writing together.

This is your first single of 2020! Why did you decide to release this track first? 

We wanted to put something out for our fans before our last headline tour, and this just felt like one they would enjoy and that we’d have fun playing live.

Can fans look forward to more singles or a larger project coming soon? 

Sooner than you think!

What is one quote that you have heard and want to ECHO out to fans? 

Not sure who said it, but I once heard that if you get over the fear of failure and look at each failure as a learning opportunity, you’re free to accomplish anything. I think fear of failure stopped me several times from trying things until I changed my perspective.

If you could set up a fan to listen to your music somewhere, where would it be and why? 

I always picture our music being listened to on a night drive.

What artists or bands have you listened to or recently discovered throughout the current global pandemic? 

Been really into Jeremy Zucker recently. His new album is incredible

What’s the first thing you’re excited to do after the quarantine is over? 

Oh man, see my family, and probably play a show.