EXCLUSIVE: mehro Talks Debut Project “SKY ON FIRE,” Artist Name and More

Finding new music can be hard, that’s why we’re here, to make it easier. Rising artist, mehro is the perfect musician to stream if you’re having a lot of questions about a relationship or just life in general. His debut project, SKY ON FIRE is deep and really hits a lot of messages that make you wonder and think. Whether it’s the title single of the project, “SKY ON FIRE,” which deals with feeling sort of trapped, or a more love type song such as “Chance With You.” Each song has a different emotion felt while listening to the EP. ECHO chatted with mehro about his debut project and much more!

Photo Credit: Russell Tandy

How are you?

Good, good. I’m getting, I’m excited. I’m recording vocals for songs that have needed vocals on them. Had some phone calls that went well, and I got to see my grandma, so I’m good. 

How did you come up with your artist’s name mehro?

Yes. It’s, it’s pronounced “marrow,” like bone marrow. The name sort of came to be because I love the word marrow, like m a r r o w. I love that word and what it means. It’s the very most core of us physically and it’s essential for us to live. It’s vital and yet we never see it. And for some of us, that’s sort of what music is. Like, music is something that you don’t see, but it’s within us. And it has such a deep impact on our lives and how we live our life. And I hope I can be that wayfarer, even if it’s just for one person.

How was creating your project “SKY ON FIRE” like and what was the whole creative process? 

I’m happy that you are even listening to it, whether you like it or don’t like, it, I’m happy that you’re taking the time to listen to it. So, thank you. honestly creating, it was like a novel, it was a fascinating journey and there were. So many things that I learned over the process, there were so many perfect accidents. There were so many mistakes that I made, and I wouldn’t change that journey for anything because it led me to this realization of myself and also this body of work to show for it. So many people go through life, they go through challenges. They, they have all of these and they have nothing that they can show for it. I’m lucky enough to where this is a product of my experience. So yeah, romantic and a fulfilling and rewarding. That was the way it felt. That’s what it feels like. Also, hard and time consuming. 

What, what about the song, “Sky On Fire” inspired you to name the whole project after it?

I think the term sky on fire represents what the world was going through and what is it still going through. It’s something that, that so many people have had to deal with incredible loss and pain. And. It’s a constant reminder. It’s constantly surrounding us culturally, whether it’s in our own individual hearts and minds, or if it’s in the, just the collective consciousness surrounding us, but there’s nothing really, we can do about it.

And that’s what a sky on fire would be like. You look up and it’s all around you and there’s nothing you can do to put it out. 

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be? 

I think the setting that I would ask for people to listen to, if I had to choose one would be, your favorite room, wherever that is, whatever room that you are able to listen to music in and give yourself the opportunity to really immerse yourself in it. Or even just listen to it while you’re painting or listen to it while you’re doing something while you’re cleaning your house or while you’re, whatever brings you peace and comfort is where I would want you to listen to it.

What is one quote you’ve heard in life that you would want to ECHO out to fans?

Momentum morning. Which is just, it’s inevitable. It’s a guarantee. It’s a promise. It’s the one thing that we know for sure. And live your life with the knowing that that’s going to happen and that’s a beautiful thing that will happen and live your life with that in mind.

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