EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Weintraub Talks Viral Hit “She’s Mine”

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On the latest episode of ECHO – The Podcast, we chatted with viral TikTok artist Lauren Weintraub. 

From an early age, Weintraub loved music. Her passion led her to seek and secure roles in local theater productions and eventually to busk and perform throughout Massachusetts.  

In 2017, Weintraub left Boston to study music in Nashville. Shortly after her arrival, people began to take notice of her songwriting, including Big Machine Music and Brandy Clark who eventually signed her. 

A few years later, all eyes and ears are still on Weintraub’s music. Last month, 1.5 million TikTok users discovered her now-viral video featuring a clip of her debut single, “She’s Mine.” a relatable twist on a breakup song. 

We chatted with Weintraub about the single, what it has been like going viral, and more! 

Excerpt from the podcast: 

What was the inspiration behind “She’s Mine”? 

I always tell people I write songs about my real life. We wrote it about a year and a half ago. At that time, I had just gone through my first big breakup and felt like I was finally over it. It had been a while and I saw my ex with somebody new on social media, as you do, and it shot me all the way back down to square one. I just felt so sad and all those things. I wrote it with Daniel Ross and he had that title and I was like ‘Dude, this is my life right now. We have to write this song.’ I was freaking out and so we wrote the song. 

What was the writing process like? 

“She’s Mine” was actually a song where we took two days to do it. On the first day, we wrote the chorus. I think we finished the whole chorus, but didn’t have a second verse, maybe and then came back to it probably two and half months later because he was busy and I was busy. We came back to it and Daniel was like is ‘This crap. Should we just scrap it? I don’t know man,’ and I was like ‘Dude, you’re out of your mind, it’s so good. Trust me . I know sometimes it’s easy to doubt yourself, but we’ve got to finish this.’ So we wrote a second verse and it all just kind of came together slowly. Songs either happen for me in 45 minutes or 4 days, so it was one of those ones where we kind of just took our time and worked it out. 

Check out the rest of the interview on our podcast!

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