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EXCLUSIVE: Jane Handcock Talks New Album ‘Fa Real’

On this episode, we chatted with Oakland based artist Jane Handcock. 

Inspired by the music that echoed through her childhood, Handcock aims to write and perform music that radiates confidence and offers solace through the nostalgic sound and relatable lyrics.

Along with her debut release ‘Where’s Jane? Series 1’ in 2018, Handcock has developed quite an impressive resume. She has worked with notable artists such as Kelly Rowland, Tyrese, and Rick Ross and for shows including HBO’s Insecure

We chatted with Handcock about her album ‘Fa Real,’ her evolution, and more. 

Excerpt from the podcast: 

You just released your album ‘Fa Real.’ Congratulations! What was the production process like for this project? 

Shoutout to MyGuyMars. I actually called him maybe a year ago. Him and I did sessions like roughly nine years ago. I called him and I was like ‘yo, I know we haven’t spoken in a while. This is kind of the music that I’ve been doing.’ I gave him some stuff that I was already doing and he hit me back immediately and was like, ‘yo, this is crazy. This is great.’ So I actually went down to LA. We worked, we sat, we talked, we got off these beats together, and we just started picking and choosing from there. We just really created a lot of it in the spot. 

What was the inspiration for your single “Fye” and what was the production process like for that song?

That was honestly the last song that I decided to say, you know what, this is going to be on ‘Fa Real.’ Shoutout to DJ Detroit. I met him maybe four years ago when I was visiting a friend of mine in Louisiana. She was filming a TV show and she was like, ‘hey, I met some friends down here. We should go hangout after set.’ I was like ok cool and I met DJ Detroit at a mutual friend’s house.We kept in touch all these years with instagram and all of that stuff – just calling each other and texting each other. I would see him piece these samples together. I remember I saw one of them on his timeline and I was like I need that. He just sent that and some more stuff to me and when I heard that record I was like wow that record is really, really fire. Really dope. I believe that record is probably the most honest to where I am right now in my life, so I had to get it done. I had to call Mani Draper like yo let’s do this and it happened. Literally, last minute. 

Listen to ‘Fa Real’ here.