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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with NBC Songland Winner David Davis

David Davis discovered a love for music at church and by listening to Motown records. 

Davis’ career has been punctuated with highlights such as working alongside music legend Quincy Jones and headlining a 73-show residency in Dubai. His latest achievement is becoming the current winner of NBC’s Songland. His song “Everything It Took To Get To You” was recorded by actor and singer, Ben Platt and charted at #1 New Pop Song Chart, #5 All Song Chart, and #2 Pop Chart.

We chatted with the ‘pop-soul’ artist about his latest single, “Ocean,” touring and more. 

Excerpt from the podcast:

What was it like being on NBC’s Songland and seeing your music resonate with Ben Platt and listeners?

My experience on Songland was really so unique and special. I love that show because it really highlights the process from conception of a song straight to the artist, which can take three to four to five years in the industry. That show did it in a matter of a two week filming cycle. It definitely gave people an idea of how much work it does take just to get the song done and just to get to a producer to get it finished and then to an artist to sing it. I loved that it showed people that whole process. In terms of the song, “Everything I Did To Get To You” that Ben ended up performing and recording, I‘m so glad that it came out when it did because this song really analyzes the process and getting to that point where you feel proud of where you are at and also understanding the cost of what it took to get there. It came out in June and in light of COVID and the Black Lives Matter conversation and protests, everything, I think it’s a really good time capsule of what is the cost of getting to a healthy society, getting it to a more equitable society. It takes a lot, but it’s worth fighting for and getting too. 

What was the inspiration for your latest single, “Ocean”?

I wrote that song a couple years ago. I wrote it because I went on this tinder date with this guy from London and we really hit it off, but I knew that it would fizzle out when he left the next day. #Catchflightsnotfeelings, but I usually catch feelings. He left and I was in a co-write the next day with my friend Emma and I was telling her about this whirlwind 24 hours and this crazy tinder date. And I was like ‘we can make it work. It’s just an ocean between us. That’s it.’ And she was like, ‘oh my God that’s a song.’ So we ran with that. Kind of flash forward to it coming out this past month. I’m currently in a long distance situation because of COVID. My partner is thousands of miles away. It’s just become this song that makes me take my own advice. I have to remember that there is distance, there is separation right now in ways that I don’t want there to be, but the only way to get through it is just through it  and buckle down and say it’s you and me we’re going to make it. It’s been fun to see how it was written a few years ago, but still applies in this time period.

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