EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Caroline Grace

Featured Photo Credit: Jeff Vanags

If you haven’t already heard of Caroline Grace, it’s time to take notice! In just two years, she has not only launched a solo music project and national tour, but she has also founded her own production company, Illuminate Creative Group.  

ECHO had the chance to chat with the music mogul about Illuminate, her new single, “Alone,”  and her project, SUS.PACK.

Your new single, “Alone” is out. Where did you get the inspiration for the track?

I wrote “Alone” during a lovely period of time when all of my best friends seemed to be in relationships. I was happy for them, but also bummed and a little bit lonely. At the same time, though, I found myself rejecting every potential love interest that came my way. Essentially, I wanted to be single and was confident on my own, however, couldn’t help but want someone to come into my life that I could really see myself with. 

What was the songwriting process for “Alone” like?

TBH, my friend Reef, who produced the single sent me the beat while I was on the way to a session. No joke, I wrote a majority of it during the fifteen minute drive from my house to the studio. 

You’re next project due out in November is called SUS.PACK. Why did you pick that as the title?

So I’m putting out a series of two singles, all revolving around the word SUS [suspicious]. To be honest with you I didn’t even know what the word SUS meant. I just kept hearing people say it and had to ask my 17 year old brother who is way cooler than me what it meant. When he explained it to me I was like ‘dayuuuum’ that is the perfect word to describe a few situations and relationships that have been present in my life at certain points. I don’t want to feel sus about anything. I am openly inviting into my life and that’s what the project is sort of about. 

You’ve described SUS.PACK as a new era. What makes this new project different from your previous work?

Simply that it is more sassy haha. It’s also a bit darker and grungy than my previous work. 

You had your first national tour last winter. What was that like?

It was the sickest thing ever. Honestly, I felt like I was living a dream. One minute I was in Spanish class and the next performing at the Hollywood Palladium. 

What is your favorite song to perform live?

It’s really dependent on the place and time but I have been having so much fun performing my single “Alone.” 

You recently launched your own record label and production company, Illuminate Creative Group. What has that been like?

It’s been amazing. Through the process of creating and distributing music I have come to know and love the music business. Being able to pursue a career in this industry that is multi-faceted is always something I have wanted to do, so it’s pretty surreal when you see it all happening. 

If you had to set up your fans in the perfect listening environment, what would it look like?

I wish they would have come to my EP release party! We brought my music to life in a physical space. But SUS.PACK, in particular, I want all my ladies to listen to it right before a big night on the town. 

What is one piece of advice that you’ve heard that you’d like to ECHO out to the world and your fans?

Pursuing what you love is really scary, often times because it leads you down untraditional and risky routes. But the best piece of advice I have received throughout the process is to not let the future scare you, but excite you. Don’t be anxious of the unknown, rather see it as an incredible thing filled with endless opportunity. 

What’s next?

SOOOOOO much! Music, shows, and way more. I’m so excited to have you on this journey with me! 

Listen to SUS.PACK here.

Photo Credit: Jeff Vanags

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