EXCLUSIVE: Catie Turner Talks New Single “One Day”

Featured Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

On the latest episode of our podcast, we chatted with Catie Turner. 

Audiences were first introduced to the Pennsylvania native while she was a contestant on ABC’s American Idol. Her wordplay, ability to capture shared experiences, and effervescent personality made her a standout and fan favorite. Two years, a few tours and one acclaimed EP later, Turner is making a triumphant return with her brand new single “One Day” and companion video.

We chatted with Turner about her newly inked record deal with Atlantic Records, her latest single, and more! 

Her adorable dog Derp also makes a guest appearance. 

Excerpt from the podcast:

What was the inspiration behind your single, “One Day”?

I wrote this in July 2019 and I was with my ex at the time. It was a bad time mentally for me. I was sitting on the bathroom floor and I think I was crying about something and he just said, ‘one day we are going to get married, I promise,’ kind of like a proposal. Then I told my friends, who I wrote the song with, and they were the rational ones – ‘wow, you’re so fast. That’s moving so fast. What are you doing?’ Because it’s me, I was like, ‘yeah, oh my god, who would rush that? I thought it was totally weird.’ That’s how “One Day” was born. It’s nice being a songwriter – you can totally change the narrative to just like, ‘I didn’t say yes. What are you talking about? I totally think it’s a rush’ That was what it was originally about. Now it’s just taken on a new life of its own because it represents the pandemic and everything now, so I would have never thought it would be what it is now, but I am so happy it is. 

Speaking of, the music video takes place inside a bubble. Do you want to talk a little bit about how you came up with the concept for that and what it was like filming it? 

I had a beautiful director named Christina [Xing]. She came up with the idea. At first, I was so confused because I was like, ‘I’m in a gerbil ball?’ Then she explained it beautifully and metaphorically and I was like awesome, that makes sense and also, I want to run around in a gerbil ball. Those things are so hard to run in. I respect hamsters now, so hard. Also, it was a new experience for me because I had to fake date somebody on camera and he was a good actor and I’m not. When the director, Christina, was like look in love with each other and he actually looks in love with me, I got nervous, so I’m like, ‘oh my god, he’s like in love with me.’ It was my first music video ever, so a definite new experience that I hope I can learn from.

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