EXCLUSIVE: Callie Reiff Chats Club-Worthy New Single “Heart Ain’t Safe”

Since the age of 15,  artist/producer Callie Reiff has been capturing the attention of critics and fans from the Webster Hall stage to festivals. 

Now 21, Reiff is not only a notable artist, but has found her distinct ‘indie-club’ sound.

Reiff started out the year with “Crash Into Me,” as well as two other popular singles and there’s no sign of her slowing down. 

Her latest release, “Heart Ain’t Safe” featuring singer-songwriter Kaeyra is set to be another hit with its relatable lyrics about unshakable infatuation, Kaeyra’s soulful vocals, dark bassline, and infectious energy.

We chatted with Reiff about producing the new single, working with Kaeyra, and what fans can look forward to next!

What inspired your new single “Heart Ain’t’ Safe”?

The overall feeling I want people to experience when listening to “Heart Ain’t Safe” is that feeling when you can’t stop thinking about one particular person. Whether it’s good thoughts or bad thoughts, you just can’t stop thinking about them. You either want to let go of that person and dance with your friends…or you wish they were there with you. Sometimes we let people take up a lot of space in our heads rent free! I feel like dancing to this song you can almost just let go, have fun screaming the lyrics, and trust your gut! 

What was the production process like? 

I kept it pretty simple for the production, but tried to add some strong elements, like stadium-type drum fills and heavy percussion and grooves, to keep the energy up throughout. I started with the vocals, then made the bassline, and then added some accent guitars and synths to float around. The drums came last because I worked mostly on trying to get a catchy melody in there with the vocals, which I think especially comes through in the second half of the song.

In your TikToks, you’ve shown how you match the drums and bassline to match the lyrics. Can you tell us more about how you built the song to match the energy of the lyrics? 

I always want to uplift and bring the songwriting to the next level with my production. It was easy with “Heart Ain’t Safe” because Kaeyra has such an emotional lyrical tone. When I went in to make the bassline, I just followed her vocals and took it from there. I love adding in acoustic sounding drums and adding FXs to convey the ups and downs of the lyrics. 

You worked with Kaeyra on this single. How did you two get connected and what was it like to work together?

Kaeyra and I have known each other ‘virtually’ for a while and I really wanted to collaborate with her on something. I had a basic idea of a song and I wanted a strong vocalist and collaborator to help me finish it up. When I played it for her, she was super down. After hearing her voice on it, the song felt so complete and strong. Since this was over the pandemic we had to work together via calls and emails but we still made it work! I’m so happy to have this song out and I can’t wait to hang out with Kaeyra more in person too, hopefully soon! 

Who would you like to collaborate with next? 

I love working with singers that I randomly reach out to because I love their music or met them at a show. I’d really love to work with ELIO, GOLDSPACE, or Park Hye Jin. It would be so sick!

If you could set your fans up in the perfect environment to listen to the single, what do you imagine it looking like? 

I love this question! I would say my dream setting would be if the song was blasting on a huge sound-system, in the middle of an underground rave in Brooklyn at 3AM, with a packed crowd and flashing lights. 

What can fans look forward to next? 

A few more singles and an EP later this year! And some live shows! 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world? 

Never stop learning.

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