EXCLUSIVE: blondestandard Chats Debut Single “BLUE EYES”

Photo Credit: XKY Studios

Growing up in LA, blondestandard was passionate about music and finding her place in the industry. However, she struggled to escape the male gaze and doubting peers.

After time and reflection, she eventually replaced those rose colored glasses with something more illuminating. “BLUE EYES” is an alt-pop anthem that exudes confidence and vulnerability.

We chatted with the singer-songwriter about writing the track, growing up in LA, and what fans can expect next.  

Congrats on releasing your debut single, “BLUE EYES.”! How does it feel to finally have people listening? 

Thank you! I am so excited to finally be putting my music out into the world. It’s been a long time coming. 

What inspired “BLUE EYES”? 

 “BLUE EYES” is an anthem inspired by the feelings and fears brought up by a man I was working with who constantly made me feel less than. By writing this song, I finally was able to make peace with the situation and ultimately move forward. I hope that “BLUE EYES” inspires people to know their worth – regardless of people’s attempt to bring them down. 

The song is about discovering your worth when others fail to. How did you start discovering that in yourself? 

It’s tough to say exactly when. It’s been an ongoing process of learning to love myself and seeing my worth through various experiences. I can say that the last three years of making music has been a major turning point in my life. To find my confidence as an artist, I had to look inward and believe in myself throughout the entire process. 

Why did you choose “Blue Eyes” as your debut? 

To me, storytelling is the most important concept in music. I love how creative artists can be when it comes to tying together meaning and sound. This was the case with “BLUE EYES.” After a first listen, the track sounds light hearted and fun (this is how I wanted listeners to perceive the track at first), but, with a closer look, the lyrics have a powerful underlining message of self-reflection and confidence. 

Do you have a favorite memory from writing this song? 

I think my favorite memory from writing this song was how the idea came about during my first studio session for “BLUE EYES”. Stepping into the studio, I was headed into a completely different direction. Before getting to work, I was catching up with one of the track’s producers and had opened up about what had been on my mind about the situation I was facing. That’s when inspiration struck. 

Growing up in LA, I would imagine that it’s almost impossible not to be inspired by the music all around you, but was there a specific experience that made you realize that music was what you wanted to do? 

Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I know it sounds cliche, but I literally live and breathe music and can’t say I go an hour without wanting to get to shuffling through Spotify and finding the next record that I can’t stop thinking about. One moment that solidified my commitment to blondestandard was when I was younger. At the time, my cousin was studying to be a teacher, but right before graduation, she realized that she wanted to shift careers and pursue the music industry as an agent. I remember not truly understanding exactly what went into being an agent at that age, but I admired her for following her dreams. I knew I could do just the same.

Who did you listen to growing up and have they inspired elements of your sound? 

I grew up listening to a multitude of genres. In in their own ways, different genres have inspiredmy music, both sonically and lyrically. Bruce Springsteen, ELO, Joan Jett, Blondie, the Supremes, The Cure, Sinatra, the Sex Pistols, Nirvana and the Smiths are just a few artists that drove me to really fall in love with music (I had a very difficult time narrowing this list). I’d have to say there is a lot of influence from early 2000’s pop artists as well, specifically Gwen Stefani and her project “No Doubt”. Her style, lyrics, and overall artist presence is something I look up to and take inspiration from. 

If you could set people up in the perfect environment to listen to “Blue Eyes” what do you imagine it looking like? 

I wrote the song envisioning my favorite way to listen to music: with friends driving down PCH on a summer day with our arms hanging out the windows screaming and singing. “BLUE EYES” is empowering in its message, but offers an upbeat, yet freeing feeling that I want listeners to experience in this way. 

What can we expect from your upcoming music? 

I don’t want to reveal too much, but I am very proud and excited to share what I have been working on over the last three years with the world. Now that “BLUE EYES” is out there, blondestandard is no longer a secret. I hope to inspire and spark conversations with my music and continue learning more about myself throughout the entirety of this journey. 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world? 

I truly believe that one’s originality and uniqueness is the most beautiful aspect of who someone is. Looking inward and recognizing the things about you that no one can replicate is something everyone should fearlessly embrace. Kurt Cobain once said, “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” And I couldn’t agree more!