EXCLUSIVE: Ava Kolker Proves She is One of “The Good Ones”

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At 12 years old, Ava Kolker has already made an impression on the acting world with her notable roles in Disney’s Girl Meets World and Sydney To The Max. Now, she is set to make her mark on the music world with her new single “The Good Ones.” This catchy upbeat track has a early 00’s throwback vibe and is worth adding to your playlist.

ECHO had a chance to chat with Ava about new music, acting and “The Good Ones” in her life. 

Congratulations on the release of your first single, “The Good Ones”! How does it feel to share your music with the world?

It feels amazing! There isn’t a better way to start my singing career than by sending a very positive message, and having the song be about the people who mean the most to me!

What inspired you to write “The Good Ones”?

“The Good Ones” is inspired by those people who have stuck with me through thick and thin. Those who I can rely on and will have my back no matter what. Whenever someone would hurt me or not be a great friend, my parents would tell me to focus on “The Good Ones.” This song is for them!

You recently released the video for “The Good Ones.” What did you like most about filming the video?

I really enjoyed getting to spend time with all my ‘good ones’ and showing the world who they are. Also, showing them how much I appreciate them!

When did music become a passion of yours and how has your passion grown?

Ever since I was very young, music has been a passion of mine. I started musical theatre at the age of 6. Since then, my passion for music has grown into something a lot bigger. I have suddenly found a passion to be the creator not follower, to sing and write my own songs!!

How would you define your sound?

I want my music to be pop, and send a positive message. Bring smiles to people. Make people happy!

Who are your musical inspirations?

I am really inspired by Queen. I feel that they established music that everyone loved no matter what type of music they listened to! They have songs that everyone knows the words to.

You’re currently on Disney’s Sydney to the Max and your were previously on Girl Meets World. What has been your favorite acting moment in your career so far?

That is a really good question!! I would probably say when I found out that I got Sydney To The Max. That was a moment of complete joy, pride, and fulfillment. A dream come true!

What inspired you to take the leap from acting into music?

I wouldn’t say leap! I still am doing both, I have always had a strong passion for music. It was just time to start pursuing it!

Have you found that your experience with acting has influenced your music or vice versa?

Definitely! Acting has taught me so much about commitment, passion, discipline, and trust. Very important things that I have learned acting and now can use in music!

Your younger sister Lexy is also an actress. Do you give each other advice?

Oh yes! Lexy and I are so so very close. We talk about everything. I feel that when we talk about my experiences it can help her, vice versa! We inspire each other every day with everything we do!

Is there an idea or piece of advice that your want to ECHO out to the World and your audience?

Follow your heart. Trust your instincts. LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS. This is some of the most important advice I could give. Your parents will always know best from their own experiences. Listen to them!

What can fans expect from you next?

More Sydney To The Max and new music!!! You can follow me on all my social media’s @avakolker to get up to date info on what’s going on with me.

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