EXCLUSIVE: Alex Aiono Talks Touring and Music

Alex Aiono gets so many views per day on his YouTube channel (one million) that there’s a pretty good chance you have watched one of his videos today. Aiono came to prominence with a series of well-received mash-ups, working with hit material from artists like Drake, Usher, R. Kelly and Justin Bieber. Now recording his own original songs, Aiono is making waves with One at a Time with special guest T-Pain.

Currently Aiono is touring in Europe and will be touring in the states soon! ECHO had the chance to chat with Aiono about his touring and music. Check out his responses below!

How have you been? 

SO SO blessed. I’m on the road, doing what I love most, making memories with the hands that have helped push this journey along. There is so much going on behind the scenes as well, which only fuels that fire when I am off of the stage and behind the scenes.

You’re currently touring in Europe I know, how is that going? 

Ah man, this tour has been so gratifying. Getting to come back out to Europe and even visit countries that are new to me, connecting with my fans, giving hugs and silly meet and greet poses, and ultimately hitting the stage for 75 minutes of mind-blowing fun (pun intended lol) fills my soul every day.

What can fans expect on the US tour?

I love that this question is asked so much. I have had many different styles of performances and shows, from full band to just me and my guitar. I can honestly say this is a different animal. With the visuals I have spent all of 2019 developing and the unreleased songs that will be introduced, fans should expect to have a really fun and memorable time.

Is there anything in Europe you wish was in the US?

I am obsessed with the rich history that Europe carries. It is so sick walking on streets and through buildings that are older than my country itself. Also, crepes… hehe

Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

Agh I have been LOVING performing this set, especially because the amount of new music I get to perform for the first time! There is one specific unreleased song that really just makes my heart pound every time I sing it, but I guess you’ll have to come and hear it live to know what I’m talking about 😉

You released your song “Her” at the end of March, more of a ballad, which we don’t hear from you much. What’s the message behind it and do you think you’ll try to do more ballads in the future? 

This next wave of music, this new “phase” if you will, is really just me focusing on telling MY story and personally reaching out to anyone listening and making a connection directly with them. Her (far from a ballad in my opinion hehe) is just dipping my toes in that water and making the first step towards a long road of connection directly with you.

You have a supportive fan base it sounds like. What has been a favorite fan moment of yours?

You’re absolutely right, I have an insane amount of support and love with me, which makes OUR journey (all of us together) so special. Being on the road again and getting to give big love, tight hugs, learn names, tell jokes, and ultimately break any barrier between me and a fan is so imperative for our journey together to be special.

You became known by posting covers. How has your covers changed since starting that project? 

Some days I watch my old videos back to compare to what I create now, and sometimes it feels like I am watching two different artists. But I think for the most part I have remained the same; constantly trying to push the envelope, try new things, take risks, and have fun while doing it. And by doing that for the last 7 years (I’m a 23 year old grandpa I feel like) I feel like it’s inevitable to evolve and progress throughout the whole journey.

You also play a lot of instruments, is there one instrument that you’ve always wanted to learn how to play? 

I’ve always just loved learning. I never have kept track of how many instruments I’ve learned how to play, which is why the number could change in different interviews when I’m asked haha. If I found enough time to really invest in properly learning a new instrument, it would definitely be a brass section instrument. Trumpet, Sax, French horn etc. 

Finally as you’re touring and releasing more music, what’s one goal you really want to accomplish this year? 

TAKE BIGGER RISKS. So often and so easily we can get caught in doing what is comfortable because it’s a lot more simple than getting out of your comfort zone. But I’m tired of being comfortable. I want to act. I want to produce my own album. I want to keep fighting as an activist for what is right. I want to punch above my weight and slay dragons. LETS GOOOOOOOO! 

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