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Eddie Benjamin and Alessia Cara Collaborate on   “Only You” 

Featured Photo Credit: Luke Smalley

On June 10, Eddie Benjamin released his new single, “Only You”. The “Weatherman” singer teamed with Grammy winner Alessia Cara to create a smooth, funky track.  

When asked about the song, Benjamin explained, “it’s an intimate love song about my relationship.” The romantic theme of the single is highlighted by its slow groove, fluttering flute riffs, and richly layered harmonies. Benjamin and Cara’s voices blend together seamlessly as they harmonize in the final chorus, singing “It’s only you, it’s always you”. A soft conversation plays out in the background as the song reaches its conclusion. 

In addition to the single, Benjamin released a corresponding music video starring Benjamin and Cara as they act out a stereotypical love story. The video is a playful and surrealist view on a relationship, as the pair sit in front of a pink sky, argue with a storm cloud above their heads, and wake up on a bed in the middle of the ocean.

Benjamin is currently opening for Justin Bieber on the “Justice World Tour.” His debut album will be released soon. 

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