Dylan Fraser Teases Second EP with New Single “I’d Rather Be Here”

‘The Storm,’ the debut EP from emerging Scottish alt-pop artist, Dylan Fraser has already earned five million global streams since its 2020 release. Now the 19 year old is working on his second EP with the same introspection. 

“I’d Rather Be Here” is the first single from the EP coming this summer. Amidst multi-layered synth and driving guitar, Fraser’s lyrics speak to having, “someone who meant a lot to me but wasn’t necessarily good for my mental state. There was a lot of negativity and it was really starting to wear me down. It put me in a tricky situation, as when you care so deeply for someone, it can sometimes feel better to stay in a shitty situation than to address it head on out of fear of losing that person. This particular experience sparked the lyric “I’d rather be here than nowhere at all,” Fraser says. 

Not only is Fraser a lyrical storyteller, but he also explores visual narratives. He directed the accompanying artwork to depict turbulent and formative teenage relationships. 

Watch the official lyric video here!

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