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Dua Lipa’s New Album ‘Future Nostalgia’ Revives The ’80s

If anyone is doing pop right, it’s Due Lipa. Ever since her heavily 80’s inspired bop, “Don’t Start Now,” in 2019, we knew Due Lipa was about to have her best album yet. She kept proving us right, single after single with songs such as “Future Nostalgia,” and “Physical,” each song has it’s own sound but they all have that classic ’80s pop feel to them. Disco and groovy.

The album arrived a week earlier than scheduled, due to fans already leaking it unfortunately, but it seems to have been getting great responses from everyone. Future Nostalgia is a collection of sophisticated, hard-bodied-pop-funk that gradually gives way to slick, Kylie Minogue/Cher-inspired disco. Capitalizing on a love of ’80s pop and ’90s club culture, Lipa and a team of career producers tunnel deeper into retro-pop revival.

Lipa proved herself to be a pop-diva back with her 2017 self titled album and her hit “New Rules.” Every song off that album was full of confidence such as “Hotter Then Hell” and “IDGAF.” Her sly swagger and fashion-plate style gave her the presence of someone who’d achieved diva status already.

Most pop artists today are emphatically emotional, where as Lipa just radiates blithe coolness. All 10 tracks are non-stop, no ballads, the closest it comes to feeling vulnerable or revealing is “Pretty Please,” a plea for stress-relief sex with an ultra-thick baseline.

Our personal favorite on the album, “Love Again,” is a song that will 100% be played in clubs when this quarantine is long done. It’s about finding your groove again, finding love after being alone for a while. Lipa sings “I used to think that I was made out of stone. I used to spend so many nights, on my own. I never knew, I had it in me to dance anymore. But god damn, you got me in love again.” Lipa sings about falling in love again and feeling happy, a feeling we’ll all feel after this quarantine.

The album over all is pop masterpiece that makes you feel proud and flawless.

Watch Lipa’s new music video for her recent single off the album “Break My Heart” now!

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