Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart” Is The Stay At Home Anthem

Dua Lipa’s performance of her new song “Break My Heart,” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon proved that her performance during The Late Late Show’s Homefest was just the beginning of her virtual appearance game. Although Lipa was at her London flat on her couch, the use of an accent wall as a makeshift green screen brought her entire crew together, complete with backup dancers.

Lipa’s “Break My Heart” performance felt like a time-traveling trip throughout the 1990s thanks to a grainy filter and city graphics scrolling across the screen. As Lipa sits comfortably on a plush couch and sings the disco-fied tune, dancers behind her, embedded in the background, bring the party to life with funky swaying. The singer didn’t need to get off the couch to make the awesome show into a festive celebration.

Lipa effortlessly performed the song as if she was performing it live at the actual Tonight Show studio in New York City. “Break My Heart” isn’t the only banger from her new album Future Nostalgia, but it serves as a timely reminder that staying at home is probably the best idea. Making sure to drive the message home, Fallon gave a shoutout to UNICEF while Lipa had the phrase “Stay home. Save lives.”

Watch the epic at home performance of “Break My Heart” now.