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David Kushner Is Ready To Open For Lauv On Tour

As his rehearsal came to a close the other day, David Kushner is now ready to tour and open for Lauv for a few shows. Kusher, who is an upcoming, rising artist in the industry, is touring for his first time ever, mind you his first show on the tour in Columbus, Ohio, is only his second show… ever. During his rehearsals, we saw Kushner comfortable singing the meaningful lyrics that were all written by him.

His famous song, Mr. Forgettable, which is about the struggle with Alzheimer’s, he sung with emotion, singing through his lyrics as if he was singing to that person that was close with him who is struggling with the disease.

His short opening, 15-20 minute set, will get you in your feels immediately and make you a fan of Kusher, a new-sounding artist, one for the soul.

Stream Kusher’s latest single Burn and get tickets to his show dates here.

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