Dava Shares First Release, “New Ceilings” Off of Forthcoming EP

Featured Photo Credit: Milo Lee

Adding to her already versatile repertoire, Los Angeles-based newcomer Dava continues to explore the realms of pop, R&B, and the best aspects of synthy SoundCloud production with her latest single “New Ceilings.”

The first release of her forthcoming EP, the track explores Dava’s arrival in LA, “survival and staying true to yourself” while dipping into some of the sounds of her earlier releases including “ASOS” and “Right Time.”

Upset with herself for prioritizing music while struggling to support herself financially after her move to LA, Dava said in a press release that the day she wrote “New Ceilings” she “wanted a song that felt empowering and validated all the work [she] had put in up to that point.”

“You just way too 90210 I’m talkin’ sad rich”

“New Ceilings” by Dava

With a blend of pop and R&B, vocals and cadence reminiscent of Tate McRae, and a solid beat/rhythm, the track nearly didn’t make its way into Dava’s upcoming project, due out later this year.

Revisiting “New Ceilings” a year later, Dava said in a press release, “I felt it needed to be heard because of how authentically it embodies my struggle,” continuing on in Instagram captions about how she hopes the single means something to her listeners too.

With the sincerity, vulnerability, and excitement Dava has about a track that nearly didn’t make its way into the upcoming EP, it’s exciting to think about what the future holds for the singer-songwriter.