D. Muñoz Releases Label Debut EP

During the last five years, D. Muñoz’s life has been filled with many important “Moments.” In 2016 he lit instagram on fire with an original rap, in 2017 his independent EP, Until Next Time climbed to #7, and now in 2020 he has released his MOMENTS EP under the notable Triangle Offense/Epic Records label. This new six track EP is a classic pop and R&B record with a Latin flavor that reflects Muñoz’s Colombian and Dominican roots. The tracklist begins with high energy songs “Drink” and “A Lil Nothin’” and then winds down to slow dance songs such as “Comfort,” “Typa Luv,” “Ella,” and bonus track “Tipo E’Amor.”.

The EP’s release was celebrated with the reveal of a video for the track, “Drink.” The song’s strong bass, catchy lyrics, popping bottle and clinking glass sounds are combined with great visuals to tell a “guy gets girl” story cleverly wrapped within the context of a dream. 

You can watch the video here.

Muñoz’s music is more than “A Lil Nothin’” and he is someone to watch.