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Catie Turner Releases “most vulnerable song…yet,” “God Must Hate Me”

From her standout ABC’s American Idol audition to her solo debut EP, ‘THE SAD VEGAN’ and later her Atlantic Records debut EP ‘Heartbroken and Milking It,’ Catie Turner has tumbled down facades and exposed the feelings that make us human. 

However, she has dubbed her latest single,  “God Must Hate Me,”  “the most vulnerable song I’ve released yet.”

The “vulnerable” and heart wrenching track grapples with low self-esteem and comparison.

 “Some may roll their eyes at the melodramatic title, and believe me, when I’m in a good headspace I can laugh at myself too, but “God Must Hate Me” is about those times where the feelings are so omnipotent, you really start to believe it. That you were made wrong. That you’re not good enough. And, that maybe, a higher power being angry with you is a pill easier to swallow than personal responsibility,” she explained.

Turner is not alone in this headspace. After scrolling through instagram, Turner posted a TikTok of her alone in a bathroom, while the opening lyrics of the song played, “Do you ever you see someone and think well god must hate me, because he spent so much time on them and for me he got lazy.” The video has already hit 355k likes.

Turner is currently at work on her next project! 

Catch Catie on tour with recent collaborator, Jordy. Tickets here!

Upcoming Tour Dates on JORDY’s Mind Games Tour

December 2021

2 – Alliston, MA – Brighton Music Hall 

4 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere

5 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere

7 – Philadelphia, PA – Kungfu Necktie

8 – Washington, DC – Songbyrd Music House

10 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade

13 – Nashville, TN – High Watt

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