Caroline Romano Releases Pop-Punk Track “The Hypothetical”

Featured Photo Credit: Alexis Campbell

Caroline Romano first introduced listeners to her bold new pop-punk sound with “PDA of the Mainstream.” The provocative single wrangling shared anxieties and addressing toxic internet culture paved the way for her equally thought-provoking new track, “The Hypothetical.”

Written by the self-proclaimed “loudest sort of introvert,” “The Hypothetical,” “capture(s) that feeling of being so infatuated with a crush that it’s borderline a state of psychosis. Everything’s sweet and sour all at the same time. It’s nothing serious. It’s Barbie and Ken in wonderland, even if it’s only in your head. It’s just hypothetical.”

Romano’s “sweet” witty lyrics and lively percussion are balanced out by the “sour” distorted guitar and angsty vocals. 

There’s no speculation, “The Hypothetical” is worth a listen!

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