Briston Maroney Explores Debut Album with Feature Length Film

Featured Photo Credit: Angelina Castillo 

Following  popular tracks including “Sinkin’”, “It’s Still Cool If You Don’t”, “Deep Sea Diver” and “Freeway” Nashville-based artist, Briston Maroney has released his debut album ‘Sunflower.’ 

The vibrant and gritty album is an exploration of identity and a collection of 23 years of memories.  

“Coming to terms with the full scope of who the hell I am has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. It’s also the only thing that has allowed me to fully experience true joy in my life. Sometimes processing everything emotionally the way I do, has kept me from understanding things logically, the way other people seem to so effortlessly. This has allowed me to see so much beauty and has at times also made me feel so far away from reality,” Maroney shared.   “’Sunflower’ is my attempt at a record about all of those moments, terrifying and serene alike. The times when I’ve felt connected to people and the world, the times I’ve loved, the times I have felt despair, the times I’ve been sure that I’ll never understand and am proved wrong. I am so thankful for the chance to let anyone kind enough to listen know that I love the hell out of life, for better or for worse. I hope it can be a friend to anyone who feels the same way!” 

The thoughtful and emotional project is brought to life with the help of Maroney’s frequent collaborator, Joey Bordnax. ‘SUNFLOWER: THE VISUAL ALBUM’  is a feature length experimental film that cinematically tells the story of each track. 

You can catch Maroney live at September’s Bonnaroo 2021 in Tennessee.

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