Blu DeTiger Kicks off Headlining ‘Blu DeTour’ in Boston with Tiffany Day

On November 3, singer and bassist Blu DeTiger kicked off her headlining Blu DeTour at the Royale is Boston, MA.

Supporting act, Tiffany Day open the show with high energy as ran on stage to start her set. The crowd responded with cheers welcoming her with open arms. 

Day played some of her hit songs “IF I DON’T TEXT YOU FIRST” and “COMMITMENT ISSUES” as she danced around the stage and played her guitar. 

My favorite part of her set was when Day performed her Playboi Carti-ish song “DREAMS ABT OPTIMISM,” and screamed at the crowd to open up a mosh pit. 

Following, Day’s set, DeTiger took to the stage with performance of songs like her her recently released single “Elevator.” The amazing bassist also showed off her strumming skills by performing with the bass guitar during songs like “Figure It Out” and “Cotton Candy Lemonade.”

DeTiger even covered some songs from Taylor Swift, which had the crowd going crazy.

This first stop is just the beginning for both Blu Detiger and Tiffany Day who will make 21 stops across North America. Catch the Blu DeTour in a city near you!

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