Ben Wolf Releases Debut Single “Ultraviolet”

Featured Photo Credit: Fabian Cohen

London born, 21-year-old Ben Wolf released his debut single “Ultraviolet.”

Raised primarily in Belgium, Wolf’s academic home encouraged a path as a doctor. However, this medical student turned songwriter decided to stop memorizing everything about anatomy and explore matters of the mind and the heart through music. This difficult, yet decisive action propelled Wolf into a new arena and provided inspiration for his first song.

This debut track “signals for change and is based on how I felt when I was studying for my medical degree. Having released this anger and made the step to work on myself, my emotions have also changed. This is all part of the journey, he explains. Ultraviolet light is used by insects, bees in particular, to locate pollen flowers and thus nectar. As a medical student, because of the hive mentality, I felt like a bee constantly having to suppress my sixth sense for the ultraviolet glow. When my frustration reached its peak, I decided to leave the hive and follow the trail towards my own nectar,” says Wolf about this track.

This introspective dreamy lo-fi pop track weaves poetic lyrics, synthetic textures and organic tones to create a unique sound. Scattered with rap elements, the easy listening song permeates the mind, leaving its quizzical words spiraling in your head long after the music stops.

Listen to “Ultraviolet” here.

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