Amelia Moore Powers On Debut EP ‘teaching a robot to love’

On June 9, Amelia Moore powered on her newest creation, debut EP teaching a robot to love. As Moore so concisely described, “this project is the culmination of first love, first loss, and the recognition that love is what separates us from the robots.”

The third track on the EP, “crybaby”, showcases Moore’s electro-pop style while remaining rooted in the blues. Heavy bass, a swaying waltz tempo, and accentuated, staccato drums in the chorus give the song a classic yet edgy feel. Moore also shows off her vocal agility as she riffs through the registers of her voice and experiments with vocal dynamics. 

Moore continues to impress with “i feel everything,” released with a corresponding video. The highlight of the track arrives in the chorus; the simplicity of the bass and drums allows Moore’s powerful, raspy belt to capture the ear as she sings, “How the hell did I end up in love with a machine, you don’t feel at all, I feel, I feel everything”. The video artfully displays the frustrations Moore feels in this track. She sings to the humanoid robot, and in turn, the robot’s eyes glow to bombard her with beams of bright energy. An electronic beating heart rises out of Moore’s chest as she lies in a pool of blue liquid. The video is energetic and hard-hitting, a perfect complement to the song. 

The final track on the EP, “teaching a robot to love”, is the most unconventional and inventive piece Moore debuted, seamlessly blending emotional vulnerability with her electronic pop sound. The sound of a heart monitor introduces this track about a one sided relationship and a plea for returned emotion. The most haunting moment of the song is the robotic voice heard in the EP’s final minute, speaking “I don’t know how to touch, feel, love. I don’t know how to be human”. This piece ties together the EP thematically, serving as a reminder that our capacity to love is what makes us truly alive. 

Moore played her first headline show in Los Angeles on June 9 following her recent supporting slot on FLETCHER’s North American tour. 

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