Alice Merton Releases Debut Album MINT

Alice Merton has finally released her debut album MINT. The album is more than an album, it’s a bold brazen statement of identity fueled by emotion and experience. The unique and irresistible melodies and enchanting hooks dazzle the senes as the 25-year-old singer/songwriter offers personal and intimate dive into herself. Merton sings about her moments of distress and moments of connection, her relationships, and her own history through an eleven track rollercoaster rider full of excitement and surprise.

One thing that’s important about MINT is how honest it is. Alice Merton holds nothing back in her music, whether she’s reflecting on her nomadic upbringing in “No Roots,” reminding herself to face her fears in “Learn to Live,” dwelling in waves of nostalgia on “Homesick,” or channeling sheer tension and fury in “Lash Out.”

One thing that Merton does well vs other artists is the ability to be relatable yet stay so personal in her songs. MINT is as catchy as any album that has topped the pop charts over the last year, but it is a lot more than dance beats and pop hooks. The album’s creative uses of rock and funk, Merton’s keen ear for melody, and the intricate compositions that tread the line between subtlety and dramatic catharsis make it a standout pop album. Merton wrote “Why So Serious” as a response to constant questions about whether she was worried about being a one-hit wonder. After dropping her first LP, Merton has made it clear that such a thing shouldn’t be a concern. Literally, any song on Mint could become another huge hit for Merton, both because they hit on a formula that has worked well in the past and just because they’re that good.  

Take a listen to the full album below!