Agnes is Bringing Back Disco with “Here Comes The Night” 

If you’ve been listening to ABBA on repeat over the past few months, we have got another Swedish artist to add to your playlist! 

Dance-pop sensation Agnes is back with her latest single, “Here Comes The Night.” 

Following her chart-topping international hit, “Release Me,” her latest single pulls inspiration from 80s disco with high flute synths reminiscent of ABBA, a marching beat, and vocals that rival Dua Lipa’s.

The anthemic melody is matched by an equally uplifting message. In a press release, Agnes shared, “My latest single, ‘Here Comes The Night’ is a homage to all of us out there who are longing to just let go. It is a declaration to the dreamers, the night,  the mist, the spirituality. Those that dare to fall in love – with the moment, the people around them and themselves. Hopefully, it will guide the listener into a moment of something they can call freedom.”

“Here Comes The Night,” is the third song off her upcoming album, ‘Magic Still Exists,’  soon to be released on October 22. Fans can expect a disco party worthy of Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summers, and Sylvester.