ADELE Returns After Six Years With New Single “Easy On Me”

The world might as well be considered healed completely now that ADELE is back. The goddess herself has blessed the world with her long awaited single “Easy On Me.” A single, that after six years of no music, has our hearts bursting and eyes watering.

The accompanying music video launches as a nostalgic black and white footage before the singer is scene leaving the house out into a windy day. The house is the same one as that was used in the “Hello” music video. When she pops in the cassette in the car that she drives away from the house, showing she is finally moving on. The song asks for both patience and grace with a solid piano and bass line backing the powerful vocals.

The singer-songwriter previously said that much of the album is an open letter to her now nine-year old son as well as about her divorce from his father.

Watch the music video for “Easy On Me” now.

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