Abigail Barlow Drops New Single “Ragdoll”

If you have scrolled through TikTok lately, you probably have come across singer songwriter Abigail Barlow’s songs inspired by the Netflix hit, ‘Bridgerton.’ In the midst of the enthusiasm surrounding tracks like “Burn For You” and “Oceans Away,” the LA based artist has released her bold new single, “Ragdoll.” 

A collaboration with producer, Ariza, the track is a catchy and cheeky pop track that is sure to make you dance.

In addition to her ‘Bridgerton’ concept album, during a TikTok live, Barlow revealed that she is also working with her writing partner, Emily Bear to develop a musical inspired by “The Bling Ring,” a notorious group of teenager’s that robbed celebrity homes in the early 2000s.