A debut dose of ROSIE’s ’20mg of Happiness’ EP

In a time when facetune and curated timelines are the norm, ROSIE is as real as it gets. 

Her honesty and authenticity is on full display on her debut EP, ‘20mg of Happiness’ via Arista Records.

The seven-track project pulls straight from the pages of her pandemic journal, chronicling the universal grieving journey through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately, acceptance.

“‘20mg of Happiness’ was extremely emotional to create,” she explained, “because I wrote all of these songs alone in my bedroom during the pandemic, as I was living through each stage of my own grieving process. My intention behind this EP is to raise mental health awareness by releasing a project that is deeply vulnerable and honest, and I hope it provides some form of catharsis for others. I want these songs to help those who feel misunderstood to feel understood, and those who feel unseen to feel seen. Let these 7 songs serve as a friend, providing a safe space and a sanctuary to all who listen.”

People are listening and are feeling seen. Her track “Never the 1” went viral on TikTok.

At only 21,  the mental health advocate, classical violinist, guitarist, vocal producer, songwriter, and now major label recording artist,  is now removing stigma and creating sanctuary, 

Fans can catch the New York Native at the Mercury Lounge in New York City on 11/2. Tickets are on-sale now: https://mercuryeastpresents.com/event/rosie/.

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