We the Commas return with retro inspired single “Custom Made”

Featured Photo Credit: Omar Guerra

San Diego-based band We the Commas are back with their sophomore release, “Custom Made.” Blending contemporary pop elements with nostalgic R&B melodies and jazz instrumentals, brothers, Cam, Jordy and Lenny are continuing to reinvent a timeless retro sound. 

We The Commas explain, “This track is a deeper dive into our sound and really gives a feel for who ‘We the Commas’ are.” Lenny adds, “It’s different because we are bringing in elements from 50’s pop, R&B, and classic jazz, which is a combination we don’t see much in today’s mainstream music. We’re inspired by so many different genres and our songs bring together those elements to create something that best represents us and our experiences.”

The track is accompanied by a video directed by Chris Rosa and Josh Sikkema about finding the ensemble that makes you feel the most confident while drawing a parallel with finding the perfect romantic partner. 

For both this single and their debut single, “Sherry”  it was important to the band that they portray a healthy relationship. Lenny says, “We want to show people that no matter what relationship you’re in, you always need to treat people with respect.” He continues, “It’s only when you do that you have the fairytale experience depicted in both of these songs.”

Keep an eye out for more music from We The Commas later this year. 

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