We The Commas Release Debut EP ‘SARB’

Over the past year, SoCal trio We The Commas have been refining their signature sound. Influenced by the records of their youth, brothers Cam (18), Jordy (19), and Lenny Comma (23) has combined surf, alternative and R&B to create their genre bending style, which they have coined as SARB (Surf Alternative R&B). 

We’ve been trying to figure out what genre to classify our music but it didn’t fit into just one space and nothing seemed right. We realized our music is its own kind of thing…,” the brother’s said of their style.

This unique combination is featured on We The Commas’s debut EP, ‘SARB.’ Featuring independently released singles including laid back tracks “Sherry,” “Custom Made,” and now their latest single, “I Will” along with it’s 90s sitcom inspired video.

Whether it’s about love like “Custom Made” or about the struggle to find the right career like in “Pissed Off,” the brothers aim to write relatable lyrics that are authentic, vulnerable and that honor the people and artists they hope to be. 

You can listen to all 6 tracks here.