Troye Sivan Releases New Gloom-Pop Bop “Take Yourself Home”

Troye Sivan’s new song “Take Yourself Home,” is rather a deep song for times like these, while we’re all inside and wanting to go home, to be with family rather than all alone in the metropolitan cities, where a lot of the many cases are.

Sivan opens his new song with “I’m tired of the city/ Scream if you’re with me/ If I’m gonna die, let’s die somewhere pretty.” The opening is pretty melancholic that grounds the new track, “Take Yourself Home.” The song is understated without being quiet, the slow house beats and softened claps are easy on the ears, leaving room for the weight of the lyrics to fill you up. It is a love letter conscious of self doubt and the unfortunate tappings of the dating world. It’s perhaps the first great song to come out of our collective apocalyptic state of mind during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The track isn’t a departure from his past albums Bloom or Blue Neighbourhood. It flows in the same vein of the synth-pop made for young, wild and free at heart, all while commenting on the not-so-happy moments that coexist alongside the struggles of growing up. Towards the end there’s a fun little dance session that has the same feel as “Fools and “Youth.”

You can listen and watch the new lyric video that goes along with Sivan’s new song “Take Yourself Home.”

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