Orla Gartland Stands Out with “Pretending”

Featured Photo Credit: Karina Barberis

Following her highly acclaimed EPs, 2019’s Why Am I Like This? and 2020’s Freckle Season, Dublin singer-songwriter, musician, and producer Orla Gartland has returned with her latest single, “Pretending.”

Gartland and collaborator, Tom Stafford, have crafted an irresistible melody, emotive lyrics and a tone that communicates a desire to stand out.

“‘Pretending’ is a song about being done with putting on an act for other people. I worked on the song a lot over lockdown and really valued the time I had to pour into it, though it did feel odd to work on a song about being at a party when parties feel like a distant memory. I wanted the heart of the song to feel like you’ve separated yourself from the group and cut away all the chaos around you, only to be left with your own voice,” Gartland shared.

The song’s accompanying music video, directed by producer Rosie Brear, is infused with a dose of Gartland’s humour. 

Fans can look forward to her debut album next year.

Listen to “Pretending”

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