Kat Saul Returns With Single “Alright” and Video

Featured Photo Credit: Matt Blum

Alt-pop artist Kat Saul is back with her new single, “Alright.”

Similar to her previous two singles “Monsters” and “I Love To Hate You, “Alright” features thoughtful lyricism about growing up and is wrapped in an infectious pop beat. 

The single encourages loving someone, while recognising that it may lead to heartbreak. 

“To me, one of the scariest challenges of becoming a sort-of-grown-up is getting out of my comfort zone. When my anxiety and depression swoop in like this dark cloud over my head, it’s easy to isolate myself from other people, closing off and taking shelter until the storm passes, but it never really does, and there comes a point where you have to decide whether to break down those walls or to let people inside them. It can be incredibly challenging; especially romantically…but when has easy ever been rewarding, you know? Love, risk and growth are what make life beautiful and worth living,” Saul shared.

A 90s inspired music video, complete with a reflective background and overlaid animated drawings, compliments the track.

Fans can look forward to Saul’s upcoming sophomore EP due out later this year.

You can check out our recent podcast with Kat Saul here

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