Gillian Heidi Releases New Single “fray”

Featured Photo Credit: Jenn Curtis

Gillian Heidi burst onto the music scene with her 2019 debut EP, Unfiltered.  

She has since gained over 200K Spotify streams, released three 2020 singles, and continues to create music that is authentic, raw and relatable.

Her latest single “fray” is an emotional track that immerses listeners into the details of a relationship “fraying at the edges.” Her soulful voice and poetic lyrics meld with a piano driven and string lined melody that captures the intended intensity.

“I really tried to convey the feeling of when something is just beginning to fall apart, but it hasn’t gone down in flames yet. The song is emotional and raw, but not angry,” Gillian says.

Fans can get excited about Gillian Heidi’s debut album, 3AM coming soon!

Listen here.

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