EXCLUSIVE: We The Commas Chat New EP ‘SARB’

Featured Photo Credit: Omar Guerra

Since their first release in June 2020, SoCal natives We The Commas have been refining their signature Surf Alternative R&B(SARB) sound. Inspired by beach vibes and the classic surf style, the trio have been creating relatable and thoughtful music, while also carving out their own space in the genre.

We chatted with brothers Cam, Jordy, and Lenny Comma about their start, their debut EP ‘SARB,’ and more.

Excerpt from the podcast: 

How did you come up with SARB?

Lenny: SARB stands for Surf Alternative R&B. It’s basically pulling from all the music that we love and are influenced by. We could never really find a way to describe our music because it didn’t sound like anything else we had heard. We were thinking all this stuff together is us, it’s not just one thing and that’s how SARB came to be. 

What was the writing process like for your new EP ‘SARB’?

Cam: As far as the writing, a lot of the songs happened quite spontaneously. There was a time when we were all kind of spread out – Jordy was in San Diego at college and me and Lenny were here. There would be a lot of songs where I would just kind of come up with some chords that I would play over and over again, everyday and I’d fixate on, I’d drive up to USC to visit Jordy and he would be like this is super dope and he’d write something on the spot and it would birth this verse. That would inspire me that day to do something. Sometimes it would be chords that I would bring to Lenny down the hall and he would inspire me to write something or I’d already have a chorus. Then it would just very organically kind of just come together.

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