EXCLUSIVE: We Chat With The Artists Behind The Remake of “Eye’s Blue Like The Atlantic”

Rapper Powfu, acclaimed singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin and rapper-producer RXSEBOY have officially teamed up for a brand new version of Italian producer Sista Prod’s breakout phenomenon “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic.”

Sista Prod’s “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic” has already proven a true social media sensation, featured in over 250,000 TikTok videos thus far. The 18-year-old Italian producer’s original version is rapidly shaping up as an equally popular streaming favorite, currently ascending towards the top 20 on the Spotify US Viral 50 Chart while climbing the overall Global Viral 50. “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic” is also rising up the chart in an array of international markets, including #12 in New Zealand, #20 in Australia, #26 in Singapore, #29 in Switzerland, #30 in Canada, and #37 in the UK.

We chatted with with Powfu, Rxseboy and Sarcastic Sounds, the artists behind the new version.

Let’s talk about your collaboration “Eyes Blue” like the Atlantic which by the way I love its very catchy listen to the coast very you know appropriate sound for that. Talk about wanting to create like the new version of like kind of this viral song that you originally created a while ago. 

Sarcastic Sounds: So, well we actually didn’t create the original song. Sister prod who’s another artist that’s credited on this part two is the original artist for it and so I guess he did it a while ago. I think we did like two years ago actually and just started sort of like doing well and TikTok and stuff in like the past couple months and the song started kind of blowing up a little bit. And I guess the label because the original is a bit more like it’s like a beat more than it is like a full song. And I guess the label wanted to do like a Lo-Fi version that had like actual vocals and stuff on it and sort of more structured like a song. So, they had sent it over to they sent that over to my publisher and he sent it to me and was like, “Do you want to try making like a Lo-Fi beat with it or whatever?” And I was like, “Sure let me give it a shot I thought the sample was cool.” And so, I made the beat and I kind of had to sit in there and then later that day um Rxseboy called me at like three in the morning and was like, “Yo, I’m bored give me something to do.” And so, I sent him the beat and we sort of just worked on it from then until like 10 in the morning and we thought it was really cool and then I’ll give it to Rxseboy there you go.  

RXSEBOY: Yes, so we like we had a lot of fun making it we were like making it kind of like comedic because most of our Lo-Fi stuff is on the sad side and this almost like a really bright sample sounding thing, so we’re like you know what like we’re going to make it like funny. And it worked out really well and then we sent it over to Pao Foo because we were like let’s get this guy on it because we make the freaking best collabs ever. 

Sarcastic Sounds: There you go. Yep said those words exactly. 

POWFU:Then I heard it and I thought it sounds sick, so I try to put on a verse and it was sometimes it’s hard for me to write songs but like it was pretty quick for me, so it’s nice. 

Describe what Lo-Fi kind of means to people who might not know it? 

POWFU: It stands for a Low Fidelity which means like kind of like bad quality. So, it’s basically Lo-Fi like itself kind of means shitty music. But like usually like when you use it in music terms, it just means like you’ll use like homemade sounds or like kind of like static or like birds chirping, like a lot of background noise. And it’s kind of just like it’s kind of like a chill style of music and like it used to be when you think of Lo-Fi like people would think of just beats that were a little funny. But now it’s kind of turning into like you’ll hear a lot of like raps over little fight beats now as well. 

Sarcastic Sounds: I mean just to add to that like sonically at least like it’s like it’s hip-hop, so it’s very much like kind of the drums and stuff are like reminiscent of like sort of more like boom bap 90s hip-hop, but kind of like I always said like with like the sort of vinyl static and having- it gives it like this like old sound that sort of makes it a little more nostalgic and like vibey and stuff. 

TikTok kind of has a lot of Lo-Fi like songs that are kind of becoming bigger and maybe more like mainstream in a way. Why do you think Lo-Fi is kind of becoming a popular thing on TikTok more recently? .

RXSEBOY: I think it’s just kind of like the vibe of it and like I forgot what song it was. But there was a Lo-Fi remix of uh I think a cometazine song and it like did really crazy numbers on TikTok like every and like every TikTok it was used in and I think like after that people did a lot more remixes with this and now a lot of popular songs nowadays are getting the Lo-Fi remixes like some sort of like extra push. But it’s also such a different vibe than what people are used to hearing so I think that could be it. 

So, interesting question as well I mean more fun, but like why do you think the song originally was about you know eyes being blue like the Atlantic but not pacific? 

RXSEBOY: That’s a great question. That’s such a great question. 

Sarcastic Sounds: That’s afantasticquestion. 

POWFU: “Eye’s blue like the pacific.”  

RXSEBOY: I think Atlantic is more like pleasing to say like I don’t like saying the word pacific like it makes me sound like I’m hungry, but like Atlantic is kind of like dreamy. Like I’d rather sail the Atlantic than the Pacific you know like. 

Sarcastic Sounds: Isn’t the pacific bigger too?  

RXSEBOY: I don’t even know where the pacific is man. I just like the Atlantic Ocean. 

Sarcastic Sounds: Also, because pacific doesn’t rhyme with titanic. 

RXSEBOY: That’s also true. 

Sarcastic Sounds: Eyes blue like the pacific and I’m going down like… 

POWFU: I mean, it rhymes just the same as Atlantic does. 

RXSEBOY: Does it?  

POWFU: Titanic-Atlantic because… no you’re right.

Sarcastic Sounds: POWFU is a rapper everybody, he rhymes words for a living.

No that was more of a fun question. I mean, pacific is bigger I think physically, but Atlantic is more like- 

Sarcastic Sounds: Maybe the Atlantic’s bluer who knows. 

Possibly. And then talk about having Alec Benjamin come in on the song and adding a verse because he is very like creative and very like you know his songwriting is very different compared to a lot of other mainstream artists. 

Sarcastic Sounds: It was like really cool like I just like can speak to myself that I think like Alec Benjamin is like super talented and obviously was a fan of his before him hopping on the song. So, that was like a really cool sort of opportunity to get to work with him and he definitely approached the song from a very different standpoint that I think we had. And so that was a cool sort of like twist for it, I guess. 

RXSEBOY: I agree he’s sick. His voice is super dope like I don’t think anybody has a voice like him and like just hearing it is so refreshing. Like if I turn on the radio and I’m just like listening through stuff, it’s like his voice definitely sticks out more than a lot of people’s. And so, having him on the song was sweet and it was freaking like awesome. 

Sarcastic Sounds: Yeah. 

POWFU: Agreed. 

RXSEBOY: It’s something like that we’re floating boats on the Atlantic. I feel like all three of us like can really work with like any sort of like genre of music and make it our own. I feel like and I feel like that’s like due to our like personalities we can really vibe with something and have fun with it. So, I feel like we don’t have like a specific sound but we can all like branch out into like a bunch of different stuff and like have a lot of fun with it make it sound like us. 

Sarcastic Sounds: Yeah that’s true. 

If you guys could set up like a listener in a setting for them to listen to your music what setting would that be? 

Sarcastic Sounds: Stranded on a sailboat in the middle in the middle of the Atlantic. 

POWFU: Laying on the porch underneath this set of stars. 

RXSEBOY: While we watch the world end. Heck yeah dude. Lo-Fi while the world’s ending. Let’s go- oh that’s crazy. Now I would say like a bedroom man like… In a desk chair- wooden desk you’re looking at yourself in the mirror Lo-Fi comes on favorite genre now like easy. 

POWFU: I would say for me would be in on a hill with grass on it and one tree at the top. And it’s about to be sunset, but it’s not quite sunset but it’s going to be sunset in like three to four minutes. 

Sarcastic Sounds: That’s true. Okay well I might have to workshop this a little bit, but that’s the setting. 

What’s one quote you guys individually have heard in life that you would want to echo out to the world? 

RXSEBOY: I have one that rhymes. Always do what’s best for you. Boom! 

POWFU: Mine is, always do what’s best for others. 

Sarcastic Sounds: Mine is “Eyes blue like the Atlantic and I’m going down like the Titanic” is a pretty fun quote that I heard recently. 

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