EXCLUSIVE: Noah Malcolm Chats New Single “If Not” and EP

On this Episode 29 of our podcast we sat down with indie-folk/pop artist, Noah Malcolm. 

Music has been a guiding and driving force for Malcolm for as long as he can remember. What first began at his  childhood piano led to classical music training and a job as a theater director.  Now Malcolm is continuing his musical journey with his upcoming debut EP, ‘On Time.’

We chatted with the Toronto based artist about his new single “If Not,” his upcoming EP and more. 

Excerpt from the podcast:

What was the inspiration for your song “If Not”?

For bigger context, this is my first body of work. It is my first EP as a solo artist/singer/songwriter. Previous to that, I’ve been freelancing as a musician a lot. I’ve been doing that for years, which I really loved, but I was playing other people’s music all the time. I’ve always been a composer of sorts, but I’ve never taken the time to prioritize my own songwriting. Piano is my main instrument, but I borrowed a guitar and I just started writing with some questions prompts, which ended up being the chorus, “If not now then when? If not here than where? If not me then who?” I just started thinking about the responsibility that we have as creative people and to harness that creative energy and your unique perspective out into the world because you’re the only person that can do that for you. That’s kind of what the song is all about, but in all of that thinking about myself – it’s kind of what spurred the other part of the chorus, “why is everything about me?” As artists, we kind of have to center ourselves. That’s what it’s about. I’m really happy with it. It’s fun, folky and upbeat. I hope that people connect with it.