EXCLUSIVE: Joe Brooks Talks New Song “Pink Sky Moon” After a Four Year Break From Music

Photo Credit: Matt Trainor

British singer/songwriter Joe Brooks feeds our imaginations with his new single ‘Pink Sky Moon.’ Four years on from his award winning ‘I Am Bones’ EP, Brooks is back and better than ever. ECHO caught up with him to talk his new song and much more!

Let’s talk your new song “Pink Sky Moon.” It’s a song that has a very calming and relaxing therapeutical message behind it. What moments in your life inspired the song?

This song for me is an intense collection of memories set under a rising pink moon. Though I don’t want to take any magic away from the listener by detailing exactly what it means to me as the purpose was always to allow the audience to place themselves into the story and reminisce over their own memories 🙂

I love the title too, it’s different. What about the color pink goes with sky moon you think?

Thank you, I find fewer things more inspiring than a pink sky in the evening, telling us that tomorrow will be bright and I try to apply strong imagery to my songs, it helps people to remember it and create a personal attachment to it.

You’ve been away from the spotlight and mic for four years. What have you been up to the last few years?

I’ve been working on the development of some young up and coming artists out of Los Angeles, which has been an enjoyable but challenging change. I started to really appreciate the following and listenership I have in a whole new way. So with Covid hitting, I decided it was time to focus on releasing my own music again. 

What can we expect from your new music as your start to release more?

I like to think I’m always growing as a writer and musician and so hopefully there will be a balance of the younger me with the more mature me. I’m striving for these new songs to be as transportive and honest as possible.

What have you been doing to stay busy and creative during the quarantine?

I’m not going to lie, once the novelty had worn off, quarantine was tough. But I’ve been getting creative in all sorts of ways, I love a weekend that involves 5 trips to Home Depot because you’re conjuring up some creation you’ve seen online 🙂 Also, nights by the fire pit with a few glasses of wine and some deep conversation are becoming more regular.

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be?

That’s a great question, and really hard to answer. I always urge people to listen on a nice pair of speakers… the thought of someone listening to my music on their phone speaker makes me anxious lol, it’s just not the same. Call my selfish but I like to think the best way to listen to my music is with no distractions so you can solely focus on the lyrics and instrumentation, whether that be while driving or under your duvet, I’ll leave  up to them 🙂

What’s one quote you’ve heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to fans?

Live simply. Laugh often. Love deeply 🙂

Take a listen to “Pink Sky Moon” now!

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