EXCLUSIVE: Bryce Vine Talks New EP “Problems,” Thinking More Positively During Quarantine and More

Multi-platinum artist Bryce Vine releases his brand-new, introspective EP Problems today via Sire Records. The 5-track set includes previously released “Problems” and “Life Goes On” along with three more deeply personal songs penned during quarantine. When the world turned upside down, Bryce Vine grabbed a guitar, sequestered himself in a tiny bedroom, and catalogued the moment as it unfolded right in front of him. Without a filter, he let his guard down, spoke from the heart, and crafted what became the Problems EP out of eloquent observations, catchy confessions, and emotionally charged delivery.

ECHO had the chance to talk with Vine about his brand new EP and much more.

How are you?  

I’m doing okay despite the fact we’re still dealing with wearing masks and the west coast is sadly on fire.  Trying to stay positive just like everyone else!

What about the song “Problems” inspired you to name the EP after it?  

The whole project is inspired by something we all have in common right now; problems. Everyone is super disconnected right now for multiple reasons. On ‘Problems’ I try to focus on the things that bring us together.    

Do you have a song on the EP that connects with you on it?  

Each song is like a story I tell myself to ease stress. “Life Goes On” i wrote a day after the tragedy of Kobe Bryant. Writing it was very therapeutic for me. 

You explained how the writing was like going back to your childhood when you write in the living room and garage. What was writing this for you like? How in a way was it therapeutic for you?  

It’s kind of a return to youthful innocence. Grady (collaborator on ‘Problems’ track) and I wrote ‘Problems’ a month into quarantine in his home garage, jamming on two old acoustic guitars. I remembered rehearsing for battle of the bands with my high school punk band. It’s those little things that remind you that who you were and who you are now are the same person. 

You talk about staying hopeful during tough times, which a lot of people can relate to right now. What have you been doing to stay optimistic?  

I was in a pretty dark place mentally 3 months in to the quarantine. I started doing early morning hikes every week with friends. I leave my phone in the car and disconnect for an hour. It really helps to sweat to start the day. My friend gave me a journal to start writing down everything I was grateful for. At first it felt stupid, but it helped get my mind in a positive place.

How would you say your music has changed since your hit “Drew Barrymore?”  

I think it just evolves as my life evolves. I don’t ever write the same song twice so depending on my mood or where I’m at in life I might make a punk song one day and a R&B song the next.   

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be? 

It would be a house party by a beach with all their close friends and family…and everyone would be drunk.   

What’s one quote you’ve heard in life that you want to ECHO out to the world?  

“I came to this world with nothing, and I’ll leave with nothing but love. Everything else is just borrowed.”     

Watch his music video for his song “It Falls Apart” below.

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