EXCLUSIVE: Alt Bloom Chats New Single “Getting To Getting”

Featured Photo Credit: Caitlin Timmins

Since his 2019 “Call It Home” release, LA-based indie-R&B artist Alt Bloom has been processing painful truths through lyrical wordplay. 

Alt Bloom’s unique songwriting, as well as his nostalgic sound, is highlighted in his latest single, “Getting To Getting.”

We talked with the multiinstrumentalist about the new single, writing, and what is next.  

How did you first get interested in creating music? 

Via the guitar. I just loved sitting in my room, learning how to play songs until my family yelled at me to go to sleep. I’d then switch off my amp and play till they yelled again. Anything I learned I’d play at a local club with some homies on the weekends. It was all good times. 

How would you describe your sound? 

I’d describe it as Mac Miller and Tom Petty had a baby, Oasis and Anderson .Paak had a baby, those babies met and had a baby and that is Alt Bloom. A blend of classic rock, hip hop, and lofi. Shoutout Pineapple Express!

Who did you listen to growing up and have aspects of their music influenced your music today?

I listened to  G.Love,Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Led Zeppelin and listened to J.Cole, Mac Miller, Anderson. The aspects in their music that stick with me is the honesty in what they do, their commitment to something new and old put in a blender. Led is a little bit more dreamy in their lyrics but the rest of them were all just storytellers — whether it was their own story or somebody else’s or a blend of the two.  

What usually comes first for you: lyrics or melody?

Mainly melody and sometimes lyric.

What was the inspiration for your latest single, “Getting to Getting”?

The guitar part. I had been working on songs all day and hit the wall. I was laying on my bed with my guitar on my chest just basically giving up and started to play the guitar part you now hear in the back. I remember I liked it so much I even posted me playing it on Instagram. Ooooo, Instagram! I also have wanted to put something out that I wrote and produced entirely all on my own for a minute so I am actually mad excited for this one. 

What was the writing process like? 

It’s different for every song. When I tackle a song top to bottom lyrics, melody and production, it takes me a bit longer than when in the studio with a producer. I think it’s because I judge what I am doing a little harder because there is no one bobbing their head around me or giving me a thumbs up. I usually try and write the song first before thinking about how to produce it. Having the story really helps understand where I want the sonic bed to go.

“Getting to Getting” has a very nostalgic sound. What draws you to that sound? 

It’s funny, I get that word a lot — nostalgic. To be honest each song draws me different. With “Getting to Getting” once I had the guitar part and drums done every other part fell into place. The bell tones you hear throughout were on my Wurlitzer I had just gotten and I was determined to make it work on a record. Sometimes songs just make sense when making them and this was one of those songs. 

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to “Getting to Getting,” what do you imagine it looking like? 

Get in your car around sunset, find an open road, and drive it. Preferably with friends. 

What can fans look forward to next?

I am working on my next vision and sound. 2020 was such a wreck of a year for my personal compass. I feel like I’ve lost and found myself several times. I am pushing and leaning into my genre blending of the cornerstones of what I love. Don’t want to reveal much as it’s my man behind the curtain doing the work. Currently I am settling up in big bear for the winter in a studio to write and work. 

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world? 

Be the wolf. I think everyone has a natural leader inside themselves, they just need to believe in it before anyone else does.