Dylan Fraser Comments on Materialism in New Single “Gucci Sweater”

A folky, down-to-earth venture from the classic pop song, Dylan Fraser debuts his new track “Gucci Sweater“– which will be anchored to his already-released debut EP, ‘The Storm.’ Released in October, the EP has already amassed over 2 million streams. 

With a simplified arrangement and magnetic execution, “Gucci Sweater” finds 19-year-old Dylan ruminating on the notion of materialism vs happiness and is yet another flawless showcase of his introspective songwriting. The track was written by Fraser and Jonah Summerfield (who also produced the record).  

Speaking about his latest release, Dylan Fraser says:

“I had the lyric ‘you can still cry in that Gucci Sweater’ in my notes on my phone for so long before I actually wrote the song. I had to make sense of it in my head. It’s about materialism and how we tend to idolize luxury and wealth as if it somehow makes you happier or better than others, which is just so far from the truth. I think it’s about being able to separate real emotions from material items. Of course, we all love nice things but that’s temporary happiness. You can’t buy the real thing.” 

Last year, the Bathgate, Scotland native shared his first offering – The Storm EP. Over the now seven-song collection, Dylan’s cross-genre collection firmly bolstered his footings as an alt/pop artist on the rise. The EP – interlaced with themes about finding your purpose, the plights of adolescence, dreaming big, and self-validation – was waterfalled by his tracks ‘Vipers’, ‘Face Tattoo’, ‘I Do These Things For Me’, ‘The Storm’, ‘Intentions’ and ‘Losing Sleep.’ To accompany the EP, Dylan unveiled conceptual live performance videos for each of the tracks, which you can view on his official YouTube channel. 

Inviting us into his own world, Dylan’s music functions around themes of introspection, determination and self-validation as he unpacks his journey from Scottish suburbia to his newfound reality as an artist with the world at his feet, trying to make sense of the people and situations he’s faced along the way. 

View the official lyric video here.

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