DASHA Radiates Confidence in Self-Love Anthem, “$hiny Things”

Inspired by the women in her life that are unafraid to chase down what they want, DASHA radiates confidence in her self-love anthem, “$hiny Things” out now via Quadio Records. 

“$hiny Things” incorporates retro elements reminiscent of your favorite 2000’s pop superstars accented with modern beats to keep the sound fresh. 

Behind all the sparkle lies a deeper message. Dasha explains, “This song is all about confidence in the person you’re with and within yourself. The ‘shiny things’ are everything that other people have that you don’t. Instead of letting that lead to insecurities you gotta focus on all the shiny things that you have that others don’t.”

Pivotal to DASHA’s artistry is her independence and her undying commitment to writing every song she records, developing sharp and sophisticated lyrics that are as witty as they are catchy. Her creativity goes beyond the writer’s room as she produces and designs her own vocals. With all her experience, DASHA develops a signature style that sets her apart from other pop songwriters, balancing a sound between hitmaker and heartbreaker.

It’s this kind of empowerment that permeates every song on California-born artist and songwriter DASHA’s debut EP that features a collection of tracks that confidently mix heartfelt songwriting with catchy pop hooks and a touch of west coast R&B. The product is a versatile sound that blends her California roots with her adopted home of Nashville, where she spent the last few years.

With her new album on the verge of release, Dasha is characteristically ebullient about the future and the way her voice will undoubtedly both inspire and entertain. 

DASHA continues to shine with every piece of music she records. “$hiny Things” is the latest example of that, it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice.

Listen to “$hiny Things”: HERE

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