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CONCERT REVIEW: Rence Puts on Stellar Performance at Sold Out NYC Show

Rence took the stage for a completely sold-out show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, New York, that packed the iconic venue from front to back. 

The ‘Baby Blue’ singer entertained the crowd full of both old and new fans in attendance with a few covers as well as his original music. His engagement with attendees was effortless and felt as though he was speaking to a group of friends instead of fans. Between Rence’s smooth vocals and charming stage presence, he put on a show that was both memorable and impressive. 

The upcoming star may have millions of streams and countless followers across social media platforms, but he doesn’t need much to put on a powerful show. With a small band, Rence was still undeniably able to lead a performance with very little, if any, intricate production. As soon as he grabbed his guitar and began singing his well-known and popularly streamed tracks, fans were instantly serenaded and stuck in the moment.

 It is quite rare to witness a relatively new artist sell out a venue. Rence not only did that, but he also managed to attract some of his most devoted fans who knew almost every word to each song he performed. Those in attendance were beyond satisfied with what they paid for and even after his seemingly flawless solo performance and top-notch opening acts, the perks of coming to his show did not end there.

In addition to Rence’s contagious energy and genuine stage presence, there was one final surprise of the night left. The one and only Noah Cyrus appeared in front of the crowd to perform her and Rence’s increasingly popular single “Expensive” with Rence himself. Their duet not only left fans beyond excited to see them perform it together live, but even more appreciative that they found an amazing artist before he is selling out the largest arenas around the world. The intense screams almost overpowered Noah and Rence as they entertained the crowd with their catchy duet. It caused an infectious feeling of energy and escape of all worries that traveled from the stage to the very back of Baby’s All Right. 
Brooklyn wasn’t ready for this powerful performance. Fans left the venue craving more music and desperately wanting new tracks from Rence himself. After his debut album, Pink, which was released last year, the singer has established an effortless connection with listeners through his genuine lyrics and passion for music. If you’re in love with listening to Rence on streaming platforms and memorizing his lyrics, you’ll fall even more in love with his music after one of his unforgettable live shows. But hurry…they sell out quick.

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