Charlie Puth’s Younger Brother Stephen Puth Debuts New Single “Sexual Vibe”

Charlie Puth’s younger brother, Stephen is following his footsteps and is getting a foot into the music industry. On Friday (Dec. 7), Puth released his debut single “Sexual Vibe.” 

The song is underscored by a throwback bounce, bright guitars and funky bass tones along with a soulful style. It has a perfect mix of pop and Motown seduction that proves fun flirty and fiery as he announces in a booming baritone voice “We’re on that sexual vibe.”

Puth told a magazine about the song “It’s about that moment when you see someone across the room, and how you feel before anything even happens. It’s about the build up and seeing where it goes. When I’m writing, I’m interested in how something started, how it ended, and everything in between.”

Along with the song, Puth released the music video for “Sexual Vibe” where Puth and his friends take over a house in Hollywood Hills. The fun quickly evolves into a pool party as he draws the attention of one particular love interest. It’s as seductive and slick as the track itself. 

Puth also signed with Arista Records so we will be hearing more music from Puth very soon!

Watch the video for “Sexual Vibe” below!

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