CARYS Releases Debut EP ‘To Anyone Like Me’

Featured Photo Credit: Ryan Faist

After the impressive reception to her hit singles “Princesses Don’t Cry,” “No More” and “Crush,” CARYS has unleashed her highly anticipated debut EP, To Anyone Like Me.

Each of the EP’s six tracks highlight CARYS’s ability to tell vulnerable, thought provoking, powerful, and cathartic stories wrapped in upbeat pop melodies. 

 “I was writing the songs for this EP with the intention to get out how I had been feeling about all the parts of my life I was ready to let go of and the resistance to letting go,” CARYS shared, “Most of this album was written in a period of a lot of self-reflection and growth. The need for validation, people-pleasing, romanticising the past, fearing the future. To Anyone Like Me represents the different stages of healing and the complicated journey of beginning to recognize our inherent worth.”

The EP’s release is complemented by the compelling video for track four, “When A Girl.” The video takes a creative look at the “boxes” that womxn are placed in by societal standards.

“The lyrics reference binary people, but the message of the song is universal,” CARYS explains. “We aren’t defined by what we seem to be on the surface. Nobody is so one dimensional. I tried to make a point of this in the video by embodying a few of the different boxes that I personally get put into either by myself or others. Sensitive, bossy, weird, tomboy, immature and so on. I am all of those things sometimes, but I’m also so much more than that.”

You can stream the EP here.