Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat Release “Baby, I’m Jealous”

Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat address the emotional rollercoaster that envy injects into relationships in their new song “Baby, I’m Jealous.”

On the funk-pop track, Rexha laments seeing the object of her affection paying attention to another woman on social media, which brings out insecurity. “Baby, I’m jealous/Of the pictures that you like,” she sings on the chorus. “Baby, I’m jealous/Of the girls with lighter eyes/Baby, I’m jealous/And I know that ain’t right.”

Doja Cat acknowledges that wandering eyes can lead to a bad emotional headspace, but she takes the confident route on her verse. “Baby, I’m a bad bitch/If he fiendin’ he’ll prolly get a catfish,” she raps. “Keep him dreamin’ to pull up on a nap, shit/I don’t even be askin’ him, who dat chick?”

This is Rexha’s first release of 2020. She has been working on the follow-up to her debut studio album, 2018’s Expectations. In 2019, she dropped the single “Last Hurrah” and teamed up with Chainsmokers for “Call You Mine.”

Doja is set to perform a medley of her biggest hits at the Oct. 14 Billboard Music Awards. A first-time nominee, she’s up for top R&B song with Tyga for their collab, “Juicy.”

Listen to “Baby, I’m Jealous” now.

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